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  • The Better Cap
    to Keep You Clean

  • Small Changes
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Your Stay Clean Solution

Lawnmowers, ski-doos, boats, recreational vehicles – they are all a lot of fun until you have to fill up the gas tank and spill it all over your hands, pants, or your gloves. Anyone ever tried to get rid of that smell? It’s not fun. You don’t have to worry about that anymore because there’s Bettacap – the better cap to keep you clean.

Clean Hands

Clean Spout

Clean Fuel

Why Betta Cap?

It’s so simple yet it’s unique. Low cost, easy use, and coming soon to a store near you! There’s no excuse to come to the dinner table smelling like you’ve been pumping gas all day long!

Explore our videos to see how Betta Cap is the best choice for you.

Initial Setup

Learn how to properly use your Betta Cap and discover its other features.

Our Story

Hear the story of how Bettacap originated!


See examples of different jerrycans Bettacap works with.

Betta Cap & Snowblowing

How to utilize the Betta Cap when you're snowblowing.

Quick & Easy

The difference between setting up your Betta Cap compared to a regular gas can.


Testing the durability of the Betta Cap.


How to utilize the Betta Cap when you're out cutting wood.


Scott from Canadian Wilderness Outfitters talks about Betta Cap.

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